Effective Search Engine Marketing for B2B Sales

68% of all trackable website traffic comes from organic (SEO) and paid (PPC) search.†

There are many digital marketing channels: search, display, social media, email and sponsorships to name a few. Search is the one that’s most important yet difficult to master.

We provide the experience, strategic-thinking and technology to tap this revenue driving channel for successful businesses.

Why is Search Engine Marketing (search) effective?

Your customers don’t want your ads

“Interruption advertising”, where ads get in the way of what your are trying to do, is … awkward. No one wants your ads – until they do. Search engines showcase your solutions at exactly the moment your prospects are showing interest.

Your customers are in control

Prospective customers do their own research. They actively seek to find the best-fit products and services for their needs – and their #1 channel is Search.

Search customers are ready to buy

Search leads tend to be more bottom of the funnel, driving visitors that are “ready to buy” now.

We are always on

Effective search marketing campaigns, both organic and paid, drive continual sales-converting traffic to your website.

We are better together

A combination of effective paid and organic strategies delivers the most value, as it generates maximum visibility and lowers overall costs.

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PureSEM Search Engine Marketing Solutions


Expert PPC (Pay Per Click)

You measure results by opportunities, pipeline and revenue. We help drive those results with strategic thinking, proprietary ROI tools and expert management.

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Search Engine Optimization

Strategic SEO
(Search Engine Optimization)

Realize the potential of one of the most effective marketing channels with a unique full-service approach combining the power of artificial intelligence with expert planning and oversight.

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