Expert PPC (Pay Per Click) Ad Management Services

PPC management is often an add-on service for agencies and freelancers but it’s rarely their main focus. This results in weak strategies, overpaying for media, and poor results.

PPC Services
What to expect from our PPC Services
  1. Gain a new understanding of what it takes to succeed and what the steps are to achieve it
  2. Senior, personal management with insight-driven weekly updates and monthly performance review calls
  3. Measure marketing’s effect on revenue with full-funnel ROI reporting
  4. A true partnership where we develop a deep understanding of your business
PPC Services

PPC Services we provide

  • Deep and personal business discovery
  • Opportunity analysis including ROI projections
  • Expert campaign setup and thorough keyword research
  • Ad copy development and ongoing A/B testing
  • Keyword-level performance analysis
  • Customized ROI reporting focused on your objectives and desired outcomes
  • Ongoing analysis and detailed recommendations
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